Confidence in Buying a Home

Home inspectors have a lot of ground to cover. Every reasonable, visible inch of a home is evaluated from top to bottom, and the inspector records his findings in a report for a real estate agent or other client. It’s an important job, which is why solid training is critical.


Home inspectors aren’t building code inspectors; they perform function and safety inspections to determine the fitness of a piece of real estate. Where a code inspector determines whether elements of the property meet current local code, home inspectors look for issues that could cause the home owner safety or usability problems.

That’s an important distinction. Because code can vary so much from one area to another, inspectors aren’t tasked with memorizing what’s current in every area that they service. Clients may ask whether an element of the house meets code, but that’s really a question for the building code inspector.

That said, a home inspector might offer an opinion if he sees a code issue that the home owner definitely needs to know about. Some inspectors will tell the client that part of the home doesn’t conform with current local practice. That way, the inspector has done his work and the client knows there’s a problem that he should think about having updated.


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  • Don did our inspection back in August and he was amazingly thorough & great with his communication. He got report back to us immediately, within couple hours. His work with us the whole way through was above and beyond and we would highly recommend him to anyone!!! If you have any questions, I'd be glad to answer on Don's behalf to help make your decision of whether or not to use Don's services!!

  • Best, most efficient, thorough home inspector around. Worth every penny!!!

    Steven Livingston
  • I strongly recommend Don to do your home inspection, my huband and I just worked with him on our future home and he was great! Such a great man, and so funny! He does an extremely thorough job looking at the entire home. from top to bottom. The great thing about Don that we enjoyed was he treats you as if you've been friends for 10 years. such a great and genuine guy.

    Ashley Meow