Home Inspectors: What’s Your Business Worth?

There are many ways to accurately measure the value of a business. This article will briefly touch on a few. The real trick is increasing the value of your home inspection business. We’ll give [...]

Making Happy Clients

There is one simple service that can contribute mightily to great customer service for your company, and a great customer experience for your clients, that might surprise you: offering a home [...]

The Skinny on “Streamlined 203k” Loans

The home buying public is becoming increasingly aware of the opportunities created by FHA 203k and Conventional Rehab Mortgages. As many of you know, these loan allow a home buyer AND existing [...]

Risk Management Corner

What does a very specialized cancer surgeon have in common with you and your home inspection business? It turns out, quite a bit when it comes to setting proper expectations for patients and [...]